inviting all vellore school children

Art & Essay Competition

The Department of Geriatrics, CMC Vellore is hosting the Annual National Geriatrics Conference – GERICON 2019 – in December 2019. The theme for the conference is Envision, Implement, Empower and Impact.

As a prelude to this conference, to raise awareness among the young minds about the various health issues faced by the senior population, we are organizing essay and art competitions for the children to showcase their talents.


Essay Competition

  • Classes 3 – 5
    1. S. Vedhashya, IV A, Spring Days School
    2. Elijah Aparanjit Paul, V E, Ida Scudder School
    3. Suseen Shiloh Sharma, V B, Ida Scudder School
  • Classes 6 – 8
    1.  Blessy Onyx .S, VIII D, Velammal Bodhi Campus
    2. J. Aarthi, VII F, BMD Jain School
    3. Delin David.M, VI A, Sunbeam Senior Secondary School
  • Classes 9, 10
    1.  Angeline Benita Alex, X B, Spring Days School
    2.  Glynis Edward , X B, Spring Days School
    3.  Lipika J.N, IX C, Vellammal Bodhi Campus
  • Classes 11, 12
    1. N. Mehnaaz, XII, Lakshmi Garden School
    2. G. Deepshika, XII, Lakshmi Garden School
    3. Liane Sarah Andrew, XII, Shrishti Vidyashram CBSE School


Art Competition

  • Classes 3 – 5
    1. P.Keerthana, IV A, Lakshmi Garden School
    2. Kevin. F, V, La-Reina International School
    3. S.S Nithya Shree, V, La-Reina International School
  • Classes 6 – 8
    1. S. Dharshan Kumar, VII A2, Govt. Boys Higher Secondary School
    2. S. Akshita, IV A, Lakshmi Garden School
    3. R. Naviya, VII A, Spring Days School
  • Classes 9, 10
    1. C.R. Keerthiga, X B, BMD Jain School
    2. Harisha .M, X B, BMD Jain School
    3. N. Tanu Kanwar, IX A, BMD Jain School
  • Classes 11, 12
    1. G. Sharoh Elisabeth, XI F, Sunbeam Senior Sec. School
    2. Dhana Prithiv, XII A2, Shrishti Vidyashram CBSE School
    3. Anton Alpha Mathew, XII B2, Shrishti Vidyashram CBSE School


Attractive prizes

Three prizes will be awarded in each of the different groups on the last day of the conference i.e 7/12/2019


other rules

Last date for submission of essays/artwork is 1/10/2019.

This coincides with the World Day of the Elderly.

Kindly mention the name of the candidate, class, name of school and your contact phone number on the back of the artwork/essay.



mailing address

The Secretary,

262, Department of Geriatrics,

Christian Medical College, Vellore 632004