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Those who are selected for Podium / Platform presentation are intimated by e-mail from the organising team


Submission & Deadline

Before 11 AM on 06/12/2019 at the registration desk


Venue of Presentation

Hall B (First floor, New examination building, Christian Medical College, Vellore)


Date and time of Presentation

07/12/2019 between 8 AM and 11 AM


Format of presentation

 6 minute PPT presentation followed by 2 minutes for questions and comments


Adhere in general to the traditional order of presentation of a study

      1.  Introduction and background
      2.  Methods and procedures
      3. Results and discussion
      4.  Conclusions

    Select a few main points and emphasize them! Avoid unnecessary details and the presentation of too many ideas and conclusions.

    Each slide should be crisp, clear and limited to one main idea. There should be no more than six lines of clear, bold type on each slide. Use your slides to present information and not merely repeat something you have already presented orally.

    Organizing your talk:

      1. Length: Your talk should be a maximum of 6 minutes long, leaving at least 2 minutes for responding to questions and entering and exiting the podium. The presentation will go blank at 6 minutes
      2. Fonts: If your talk includes a PowerPoint presentation, use standard fonts (e.g., Times Roman, Helvetica, Arial, New Times Roman). Basic fonts are included on the session room computers; unusual fonts may not translate.
      3. Testing at home: Test your presentation on a separate PC compatible computer to ensure fonts are standard and components such as movies are included rather than merely linked in your presentation. Generally movies are discouraged.
      4. What to bring: Bring your presentation on a Windows readable USB flash Drive. Include, in the same folder as your presentation, any external files utilized, e.g. movie files. Copy the entire folder to the USB flash Drive. You can also mail your presentation to yourself and to
      5. Back-up: We recommend that you bring a backup presentation format (i.e. on a flash drive) to cover the possibility of luggage loss, theft, and/or incompatibility.

      The decision of the judges is final.

      Session details: Check in with the hall managers at Hall B or with the event in charge on the morning or a day prior to  the beginning of  your session to assure that the presentation can be faithfully presented using the media that you provide.


    See you at GERICON 2019 !

    We would be happy to help you in case of any queries.

    Event In charge: Dr Sidharth Ranjit
    E- Mail: 

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