The Seventeenth Annual Geriatric Conference


The  Department of Geriatrics, Christian Medical College Vellore, is organizing the Annual Geriatric Conference on the  6th and 7th of December 2019, under the auspices of The Indian Academy of Geriatrics.A Continuing Medical Education program aimed at targeting the postgraduates, nursing and allied health professionals is planned for the 5th of December.

The motto for GERICON 2019 is

Envision – Implement – Empower – Impact.

Mission & Purpose

What is GERICON 2019 about?

GERICON is an academic extravaganza where geriatricians, gerontologists, policy makers, health care professionals and academicians come together on a common platform to share their knowledge, passion and inroads they have made into the comprehensive care of older person.     

Target Audience

Who will benefit from attending GERICON 2019?

GERICON 2019 will provide a platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to share recent innovations, studies, the practical challenges faced and solutions thereof in the field of Geriatrics. So, apart from appraising the beginners and veterans alike in the field of Geriatrics, it will enlighten the Medical Graduates and post graduates in General Medicine, Community medicine, Family medicine, Physiatrists, Palliative Care specialists and specialists from any medical field interested in Geriatric care. Basically anyone who takes care of an older individual either at home, or in the outpatient or in a hospital or in an emergency or critical setting will be benefitted by inputs from GERICON 2019.

Nursing and allied health professionals including social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nutritionists and researchers will benefit from special break-out sessions geared specially to whet their appetites.

Areas of Discussion

What topics will be covered in GERICON 2019?

 At GERICON 2019, a host of problems which affect the older person which include= updates and insights on all things geriatrics, including clinical care, innovative models of care and quality improvements, research on ageing, multimorbidity, atypical presentations of common illnesses, psychological,social  and ethical problems- will be discussed.

Recent advances in the management of diabetes and its complications, management of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, cerebro-vascular diseases, chronic kidney disease, chronic lung disease, and other metabolic and endocrine disorders in elderly will be highlighted.

Geriatric syndromes like incontinence, falls, delirium, dementia and associated behavioral problems and polypharmacy will definitely be the focus of attention. Frailty and sarcopenia will be made easy to understand and estimate!

The challenges involved in the management of neurodegenerative disorders and the carer and financial burden they impose on the home will also be alluded to.

The academic feast planned includes talks by stalwarts in various allied fields including critical care, Cardiology, Rheumatology, Urology, Pulmonary medicine, Hematology, Radiology and Neurology.

At the conference, one will have an opportunity to learn about the current management strategies in patients with fragility fractures, which come under the umbrella of Orthogeriatrics. Maintenance of bone health and osteoporosis will share centre stage with the most awaited event – the Presidential oration.

In preventive geriatrics – plenary sessions will include lifestyle modifications, nutrition and immunization from the mouths of authorities in the field.

Experts from the multidisciplinary team will demonstrate exercises and transfers, use of assistive devices and the principles of physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

Seasoned psychiatrists will deal with the recognition and management of depression and the behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia. Rationalization of psychiatric drugs will be discussed.

Social issues – like advance directives, making a will and elder abuse will not feel left out.

The palliative care sessions will encompass issues related to alleviation of suffering, pain, physical, psychosocial and spiritual issues at the end of life. They will also provide information about the nursing care, hospice and community healthcare of these patients.

To the professionals interested in community based health care services, these sessions will aid in the holistic care of the older person with complex medical, functional and psychosocial health. Sessions will accentuate the importance of multidimensional training for all health professionals in comprehensive geriatric care.

To those who envisage themselves to be next generation’s policy makers – discussions on NPHCE: National Program of the Health Care of the Elderly, and other schemes which the older person can benefit – come and see what is in store for you too!!


How will GERICON 2019 make an impact?

With a multitude of academic sessions including platform and poster presentations, panel discussions, debates and workshops, the learning opportunities will be immense. Multiple parallel sessions are being planned, so one can choose which session their practice would benefit the most. You will never have a dull moment….


What does this mean? This means to enlarge the borders of your fertile imagination and your mind to dream dreams and see visions of better things to come. When something tiny little spark lights up a whole lot of memories and associations, one can at first only dimly visualise the vision behind the lacy curtain. As one ponders, ruminates and mulls over this notion, the eureka moment steps in, and the vision becomes more clear. Inputs from peers, colleagues, a little word whispered in the audience when a conference discussion is on, or just something one sees, builds on this moment and implementation is where these dreams crystallise into reality


Jotting down of the goals, and rewriting objectives and then getting the foundation right is the next step. Permissions from various stakeholders, revision of ideas based on the feasibility of the program, liaising with other people with similar dreams, drawing up blueprints, brainstorming and then finally hitting the road makes this part an exciting roller-coaster ride. Even here going back to where it all started helps – readdressing issues, combating new problems and then going through many diversions makes life worth living.


It is not your dream, your program. You are only a cog in the wheel. The program is for someone else, give them some autonomy – to dream with you, to sit by your side and gently rebuke you when you are being misled. They are your people, you choose to share this part of your life with them.


You may not see the victor’s crown now or tomorrow. You are building a community of doctors, nurses, allied health and carers to care for your tomorrows. You may only see a small cloud today, but the impact of your words, work and love live on and tomorrow there will be showers of blessing. This is your journey into the life of each and every older person. Think big, strive hard and pray, for God will be there in all your tomorrows when you give a little of what you have received from Him.

Dr Surekha V

Dr Surekha V

Organising Chairperson

Dr KG Gopinath

Dr KG Gopinath

Organising Secretary

Dr Benny Paul Wilson

Dr Benny Paul Wilson


“We extend a cordial invitation to one and all.  Get a sense of where Geriatrics was, is and where it is heading. You can mentor, network and make an impact of the next generation of geriatricians. Come to enjoy the academic and gastronomic delights planned for you, come to share and take home new ideas and innovations to create a wonderful world for the older person in the community you touch.

Attendees will have a chunk of their registration fees shaved off, if they avail the “Early Bird’ discount. Students stand to benefit the most, if their registration is accompanied by a letter from the Principal of the College, stating that they are bonafide students. For IAG members, there are numerous discounts waiting to be availed even upto a month prior to the conference. Welcome to GERICON 2019.”

– Dr Surekha V, Organising Chairperson