About Vellore


Vellore is a city located on the banks of the Palar river and is the administrative headquarters of Vellore District in Tamil Nadu. The city has been ruled, at different times, by the Pallavas, Cholas, the Vijayanagar Empire and the  Rashtrakutas. Presently, it is administered under the Vellore Municipal Corporation and has a mayor.  It has recently been included in the central government’s prestigious smart city project.


A Multifaceted city

The Christian Medical College Vellore, started in 1900 by Dr Ida Scudder, caters to nearly 9000 outpatients a day from all over the world. It is rated in the top three Medical institutions in the country and is known for its holistic training in various disciplines of medicine and caring attitude of the doctors.  The Vellore Institute of Technology is another premier institution in the country. These two institutions make Vellore an academic destination for many young and aspiring doctors and engineers.

The places of interest include the 16th century Vellore fort built of granite and surrounded by a moat in the heart of the city. It was built by the Vijayanagar kings and houses a beautiful church, the Jalakandeshwarar temple as well as a mosque, besides many important government offices and a museum.  The first known British mutiny took place in this fort in 1806, many years before the 1857 Sepoy Mutiny.

The Sri Lakshmi Golden Temple in Sripuram (8 kms from Vellore) attracts many visitors and pilgrims.The Vainu Bappu observatory at Kavalur, situated about 70 kms from Vellore, is a haven for star gazers intent on counting the rings of Saturn and mapping out the craters and hills on the moon. The Amirthi forest is a good picnic spot 24 kms away from the humdrum of Vellore. The Yelagiri hillstation is quite close to Vellore and many people love to go there on weekends for a pleasant drive and stay.  There are many eateries in Vellore catering to any palate. We also do have our share of movie theaters which screen movies in many languages. Vellore is famous for its leather industry and is the top exporter of finished leather goods in the country. 

Mahabalipuram, a UNESCO world heritage site, is a famous coastal town which boasts of exquisite 6th century Pallava dynasty monuments, lies 145 kms away from Vellore. The nearest big cities are Chennai (130 kms) and Bengaluru (220 kms). These cities are easily accessible from Vellore by road and rail. The Katpadi Railway station (7 kms from Vellore) connects Vellore to all major cities including Chennai, Tirupati, Cochin, Trivandrum, Calicut, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Mysuru, Kolkota, New Delhi etc. The nearest airports are at Chennai and Bengaluru.

The maximum day temperatures touch 28 Celsius and the night temperatures can dip down to 13 C in December. You may need a thin sweater or a blanket at night.

So, welcome to Vellore and to GERICON 2019, We hope and pray that you will have a great time conversing with like minds, sharing ideas across the board and coming together for a common purpose – to envision, implement, empower and impact the world of the older person in India.

Coming From Out of Town?

Here are the few things that could help you during the stay

Staying In the City

There are a lot of medium to large size hotels available in Vellore. We will soon open an online portal for online booking.

A treat for your taste buds

The famous, mouthwatering Star Ambur biriyani, cool and refreshing jigarthanda- a Madurai speciality, and of course do not forget to taste the South Indian thalli – with rice, ghee, podi, delicious poriyals and koottus, appalam, tasty sambhar and rasam. For breakfast, one can choose from steaming idlis drizzled with ghee, a variety of dosas fresh off the pan, vadas soaked in oodles of sambar, finger lickin’ delicious pongal and lots more!

Make a Trip Out of It

You can also plan a break from mundane life to enjoy at the lush hills of Yelagiri or at the beaches of Mahabalipuram or plan a pilgrimage to Vellore Golden Temple or a one day visit to Tirupati Shrine.

Leather products from Ambur and the sarees of Kanchipuram are well known and would satisfy the shopaholic in you.

For those of you who would like to join us in exploring the ghat hills and its wide flora and fauna, we have arranged for a trecking on the 8th of December, Sunday. 

Do you have an insatiable wanderlust?

The College Hill Sunrise Party awaits to you!

If you’re interested in a half hour sunrise trek early in the morning, please let us know at the front desk!


Plan your itinerary 

Our Hospitality team would be ready to help you oraganise your itinerary based on your requirements.

Please let them know in your advance about your preferances so that they can make appropriate suggestions.