Attention Please



Those who are selected for E-Poster presentation are intimated by e-mail from the organising team

Submission & Deadline

E-mail of the E poster should reach us latest by 5pm on
4/12/2019. (gericon2019@gmail.com)

Venue of Presentation

Hall B foyer (First floor, New examination building, Christian Medical College, Vellore)


Date and time of Presentation

07/12/2019 between 8am and 11am

Format of presentation

Single Slide / Page Digital presentations


  • The poster presentations at GERICON 2019 will be facilitated by an electronic poster board, on which you will upload your poster in advance.
  • The system will allow you to move around and zoom in on any section using mouse / keyboard (for PDF/ JPEG formats only)
  • Guidelines to complete your poster:
  • All e-Posters should be prepared in English.
  • Layout: Portrait (16:9, Vertical Orientation)
  • Size of Poster:
    e Posters will be displayed on 42 inch LED screens
    Pixels: the minimum recommended size (format WxH) is 1125 x 2000 px and the maximum is 2250 x 4000px. DPI 300 pixels/inch
  • File Size: the maximum file size is 24 Megabytes (24MB).
  • File Format:  PPT, PDF or JPEG  formats are supported
  • It should be a single page or slide.
  • Media: Pictures, graphs and tables can be included in the e-Poster.
  • Multimedia: videos and music cannot be included in the e-Poster. If using power point do not include power point animations in the slide.

E- Poster Sample Design

You may download the sample PPT file and edit the same or create a new presentation. You are allowed to change the format, layout or design as per your choice. E-posters can also be made in JPEG or PDF format as single images which can be displayed on 16:9 screen with veritcal orientation

See you at GERICON 2019 !

We would be happy to help you in case of any queries.

Event In charge: Dr Sidharth Ranjit
E- Mail: sidharth.ranjit@gmail.com 

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